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Oil Field Litigation

Oklahoma is the sixth-largest crude oil producing state and the fourth-largest natural gas-producing state in the nation, as of 2017. The attorneys at Starr, Begin & King have a deep understanding of the risks and liabilities associated with the oil field industry in Oklahoma.

While oil and gas companies have a long history of workforce safety, accidents do happen. When an injury does occur, the firm is experienced in managing litigation caused by accidents

from the well site to the refinery. Whether the case involves oilfield service companies, drillers, contractors, or transporters, Starr, Begin & King is able to handle the case. The firm’s experience in oilfield accident investigations can assist in both an OSHA investigation and any resulting litigation.

About Starr, Begin, & King.

Our boutique litigation firm is dedicated to the practice of law and to developing lasting relationships with those we have the privilege to represent. With determination to achieve the best possible result, STARR BEGIN & KING PLLC focuses on keeping our clients, whether individuals or multinational corporations, informed and connected. STARR, BEGIN & KING PLLC is proud to represent our clients and honored by their repeat business.

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