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Farm, Ranch, and Crop Insurance Claims

Wheat is the primary crop in Oklahoma, which is one of the top five wheat farming states in the country. Other crops grown in Oklahoma include hay, cotton, soybeans, corn for grain, pecans, grain sorghum, peanuts, watermelons, and rye.

Starr, Begin & King defends insurers and their insureds in a full range of farm and crop-related claims, including personal and commercial auto, tractor-trailer, recreational vehicles, homeowners, builder’s risk, and commercial general liability.

About Starr, Begin, & King.

Our boutique litigation firm is dedicated to the practice of law and to developing lasting relationships with those we have the privilege to represent. With determination to achieve the best possible result, STARR BEGIN & KING PLLC focuses on keeping our clients, whether individuals or multinational corporations, informed and connected. STARR, BEGIN & KING PLLC is proud to represent our clients and honored by their repeat business.

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