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Employment Law

We understand that state and federal employment laws are constantly evolving and changing. We stay current with all new laws and recent decisions in the area of employment law. We have represented employers in countless disputes, including:  wrongful termination, hiring policies, drug testing, sexual harassment, discrimination based on protected classes, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance, Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) discrimination, policies regarding promotions, privacy, compensation, and non-compete agreements. In addition, we have helped many individuals and organizations draft or negotiate the terms of comprehensive employment agreements.

We have represented clients in all investigative and litigation settings, including mediation with the EEOC, unemployment and wage claims before regulatory agencies, and arbitration hearings regarding certain employment claims. We are also capable of working with your company in recommending preventive measures to avoid litigation. Finally, we can assist in drafting or reviewing your employee manuals and handbooks and suggest any necessary changes.

About Starr, Begin, & King.

Our boutique litigation firm is dedicated to the practice of law and to developing lasting relationships with those we have the privilege to represent. With determination to achieve the best possible result, STARR BEGIN & KING PLLC focuses on keeping our clients, whether individuals or multinational corporations, informed and connected. STARR, BEGIN & KING PLLC is proud to represent our clients and honored by their repeat business.

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